Ghost Stories Halloween Special: Callers share their True Ghost Stories


What better way to celebrate Halloween than to produce a live show on Halloween night. That’s exactly what happened as the Farside aired its first annual ghost stories, call in special.

What made this particular special event unique from most other Halloween based special event talk shows was the callers themselves. These callers ranged from the average listener to former Coast to Coast AM host, Ian Punnett.

The Farside was opened as usual by the always inquisitive host, Bob Bain. After the charming introduction of the program the show was momentarily handed over to a listener who wanted to call in and pay tribute to two of the big name pagans we lost during 2014.
Evelyn Paglini and Margot Adler.

After an hour I decided to have a party line and all callers congregated on the Halloween party line. It got out of hand at times… but it was a fun night.

The night started with a memorial tribute from a listener who wanted to open the show with a Wiccan ritual to honor Dr. Evelyn Paglini and others.

Caller Ghost Stories

These are the ghost stories shared with us on Halloween night.

Ian Punnett’s Ghost Story:

Special callers with websites or social media accounts:

Ian Punnett
Jim MalliardThe Malliard Report
George Turner



  • Kate
    November 28, 2014, 6:40 pm

    are you coming back? Hope your health is ok

    • Bob Bain@Kate
      November 28, 2014, 6:59 pm

      Yes, the show will be back in December with 1 or 2 interviews and 1 has already been confirmed. January is when the show returns on a regular basis.

    • Bob Bain@Kate
      December 11, 2014, 4:17 pm

      @disqus_pkQsgMdz6v:disqus I hope you’ve had the chance to listen to the latest release with Kristy Robinett. In small part we touched on her life-journey with Edgar Allan Poe as her spirit guide.


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