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Today there’s a growing number of popular shows that purportedly¬†show self-proclaimed “professional ghost hunters” as they run around screaming like little girls with their hair on fire. In reality these types of shows aren’t based on the investigations of true professionals… but are based on the reality television series principle of entertaining the audience for the sake of entertainment.

There are however those who truly work in the real field of ghost investigations or spirit rescue, and Von Braschler is one such individual.

Von Braschler found himself, a reluctant ghost hunter, facing insurmountable odds against the purest of evil in humanity and other beings.  This interview with Von Braschler details some of his own personal and intriguing stories that I call: Ghost Hunter Confessions.

Can Ghosts use Mobile Devices to Communicate?

In today’s age where phones are now miniature computers, we may even begin to notice an influx of ghostly text messages.

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Book: Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter

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