Anunnaki 101: An Introduction to the Anunnaki with Gerald Clark


Gerald Clark joined the Farside to share his knowledge of the Anunnaki.

Where are the Anunnaki From?
Where was the first Anunnaki Colony?

More information to follow.

Website: Gerald Clark

5 comments on “Anunnaki 101: An Introduction to the Anunnaki with Gerald Clark

  1. Gerald Clark says:

    Hi Bob, really enjoyed our dialog. Hope to do another show with you!!!

    1. Bob Bain says:

      Thanks, Gerald!
      We’ll definitely get together again for another show.
      I will be in contact with you (probably in a couple of weeks) to try and schedule our next discussion.

      1. Gerald Clark says:

        Not a problem! I look forward to our next dialog Bob, take care buddy.

        1. Bob Bain says:

          I’ll look into scheduling a new show with you in early 2015 if you are available.

  2. Sven Wolf says:

    one of the most interesting interviews I have ever listened to. I found it fascinating! I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet Gerald Clark while I was still living in Mexico and take part of the tours, I would have had millions of questions and an eternity of time to listen to the whole Annunaki complex history. Bob, please invite Gerald back again! Greetings from Munich (Germany). Great Podcast Bob!

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