Month: September 2014

Ghost Hunter Confessions | Von Braschler | Ghost Stories

[powerpress] Today there’s a growing number of popular shows that purportedly¬†show self-proclaimed “professional ghost hunters” as they run around screaming like little girls with their hair on fire. In reality these types of shows aren’t based on the investigations of true professionals… but are based on the reality television series principle of entertaining the audience…

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Anunnaki 101: An Introduction to the Anunnaki with Gerald Clark

[powerpress] Gerald Clark joined the Farside to share his knowledge of the Anunnaki. Where are the Anunnaki From? Where was the first Anunnaki Colony? More information to follow. Website: Gerald Clark

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A Deadly Haunting: The True Story of a Paranormal Witness | Deborah Moffitt

[powerpress] Deborah Moffitt was part of a typical American family, until the caretaker of their ailing grandmother performed an ancient ritual intended for healing but instead unleashing a powerful and terrifying demon – one of the seven Princes of the Devil himself. Their lives would be torn apart as the malevolent entity haunted and tormented…

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