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Robert Bruce
joined the Farside to give us in-depth knowledge about the power of Astral Projection.

When was Robert’s first experience with Astral Projection?

Does our soul leave the body during an Astral Projection?

Are animals able to Astral Project?

What are the signs that you were in Astral Form?

Is it possible to use Astral Projection for Diagnosing, and healing patients?

How do we Protect ourselves against Psychic, and Spiritual Attacks?

Can you Master your Out of Body Experience?

Are there limitations to Astral Projection?

Is Astral Projection the source behind Remote Viewing?

What are Energetic Entities?

Are we able to capture and utilize energy entities as a Power Source?

Can we communicate with our Past, and Future selves?



Become a Master, and Control your Astral Form.


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