Grey Alien Agenda: The Hybridization of Human DNA with Alien Genetics — Paranormal Podcast


What is the true agenda of the Grey Alien; are they coming here to give humans of the earth technology that is superior to our own (like giving new candy to an eager child) or are they here to assimilate us for a sinister purpose?

The human DNA is unique in its characteristics. Although we share a large percentage of genetics with other mammals, there is a percentage of human genetics that is unique to us.

Is it likely that our own genetics is superior to that of the grey aliens and thus they are coming here to advanced their own species by reengineering our DNA?

Nigel Kerner Joins us to discuss Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls.

Why are Grey Aliens reengineering Human DNA?

Are Grey Aliens a Biological Species?

What are Hacked Humans?

Are medical implants part of the Grey Alien Agenda?

What is the Soul Catcher Device?

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