The Demon of Brownsville Road: True Story of A Pennsylvania Haunting with Bob Cranmer — Paranormal Podcast


Bob Cranmer Joined The Farside to talk about his unusual demonic haunting in Pennsylvania, on  3406 Brownsville Road.  Bob Cranmer’s encounter and his subsequent interview on The Farside: Paranormal Podcast, has generated a lot of media attention…and for a reason.

The Cranmer family home on 3406 Brownsville Road is now known as The Most Haunted House in America.

Join us as Bob shares his True Story of: The Demon of Brownsville Road.

When did Bob Cranmer first get interested in the house on Brownsville Road?

Blood appearing on the Walls

The most Haunted Rooms?

Haunting Catalyst

Negative Residual Energy

How long were the Cranmer family Haunted by a Demon?

How did it take for Bob Cramer to remove the Demon from his House?


More Information to Come.

Book: The Demon of Brownsville Road  (
Website: Demon of Brownsville

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