Afterlife Education of a Skeptic | A skeptic’s journey to establishing an understanding of Life After Death .


John S. Weiss joined the Farside  to discuss the events that would alter his perception of not only life, but also of life after death. In an extraordinary recount of these occurrences, John takes us on a journey where we encounter a spiritual entity in the middle of a war torn Iwo Jima.

What awaits us after death?

Life goes on.
Upon your death & time with family – during the transitioning period from your memorial service to burial – you will travel through the veil of frequencies that separates our physical layer from our second dimensional layer; this is what many describe as a bright tunnel of light, with loved ones on the other side waiting for them.

This spiritual dimension resides here with us in another – superimposed – dimensional layer; much like animation cells, which are placed on top of each other in order to create movement.
The dead keep living their lives as though nothing happened.

What happens to our Memories After Death?

Your memories will remain your memories but you will also be surrounded by the knowledge of all who have crossed over into this second dimension, that is otherwise known as Purgatory or a waiting room.

What is the Afterlife like?

The Afterlife, according to John Weiss, is a place of sheer wonder and knowledge. Although some may consider the afterlife to be a miracle, John says that it is no miracle at all.
It’s just the continuance of life – continuance of life, may not even be the correct word –  there is no transition from being alive in this physical dimension and that other dimensional plane that we call the afterlife.

One day you are here in a physical body; one day you are there in your spiritual form.

Who would I find in the Afterlife?

You may be  surprised by who you  bump into on the other side.
All souls – regardless of what they’ve done on this physical plane – begin their afterlife journey on the same dimensional level – or dimensional layer

Do Spirits interact with the Living?

Yes! They interact with us on a daily basis and on many occasions they will even enter our body in order to once again experience things through the eyes and emotions of a physical body. We more times than not wouldn’t even notice when this happens. They become as a small parasite and we are their host.

Spirits, according to John S. Weiss, can experience all sorts of physical pleasures by linking with us and this does include intimate moments with your signifiant other.  You heard correct! Spirits can and do link with a physical host in order to experience sexual moments. You may be having a threesome without even being aware!

Are souls Immortal?

You would think that a soul – for all intents and purposes – could not cease to exist; from the information that John was given by Lyle and other spirits on the other side, that doesn’t appear to be accurate. It appears that souls can be obliterated by a few natural processes and a black hole may very well be one of those soul obliterating, murderers.

Are there limitations in the Afterlife?

In the Afterlife there are multiple transitional layers, or levels, and at first you reside just on the outskirts of the physical plane in a waiting area where life continues as though not a day has expired from your last moment of a beating heart and breath of air.

Spiritual Plane for 150 Years

Heaven and Hell

Book: Life Goes On: A Skeptic’s Afterlife Education
Website: John S. Weiss 


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