Planet X with Andy Lloyd | Nibiru / Anunnaki / The Kuiper Belt


Does Planet X Exist?

On this edition of The Farside Paranormal Podcast, Bob Bain is joined by Planet X expert, Andy Lloyd. Andy Lloyd has been researching Planet X/Nibiru & The Dark Star theories for well over a decade.

He brings his knowledge over to The Farside of reality for an intriguing conversation.

A few topics we touched on include:

  •  A brief history of Planet-X.
  •  Who are the Anunnaki?
  •  Are the Anunnaki related to the Biblical Nephilim?
  •  Where is this elusive Planet X?
  •  What happens to the Earth upon the arrival of Planet X?

Will humanity be enslaved by the Anunnaki upon their return?

In myth humans were originally the slaves of an advance species of intelligent beings called the Anunnaki.

It is said that we were created in their Image but to serve them as slaves, to harvest earth minerals and elements for them.

If the Anunnaki were to return would humans once again be slaves to the creators or would the Anunnaki find themselves rebelled against.

Were the Anunnaki the creators of our current race of Humans or of an inferior race that has since died out?


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