The Horsefly Chronicles : Portal of Demonic Entities


What would you do if a demonic entity followed you back to the earth as you reincarnated?

There are many who may lay claim to having inner demons.   What they mean by that is certainly not what Phil Siracusa means when he talks about the demonic entities in his life; entities that, as he claims, followed him from the dark, fiery pits of Hell, as his pleas of help were heard by God and Phil’s eternal soul was brought forth into a renewed life (Reincarnation).

Phil claims when he was born into this current life, that he was born through an open portal and it is through this open portal that spirits can come back and forth to communicate with him from the other side.

How can someone be in Heaven and end up in Hell?

This is something that the guest calls Drifting.
Phil didn’t know where he was going to, all he knew was that a beautiful woman, whom he had known in a previous lifetime told him that it was time for him to leave on a little trip to Hell.

What came next was a shadow, being of some kind, that began circling both Phil and this beauty of a spiritual woman, until Phil himself was being forcibly dragged into the spiritual dimension that we know of as Hell.

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