Paranormal Phenomena inside of Dreams


True tales of Paranormal Dreams.

Episode Zero of the Farside Paranormal Podcast featured calls of extraordinary tales and some “brutal” paranormal phenomena.
One such “Brutal” event came as a severe bump in the night for the husband of a caller. Debi’s husband was having a conversation with his wife when suddenly he was shoved and pinned against the wall….hovering inches over the floor.

What are dreams?

On this last precast episode we opened up the lines for callers to discuss and share their Dreams & Paranormal Phenomena related tales.
Dreams can be, and have been, impactful in the live of thousands, perhaps even millions of individuals.

Are these visions that come to us when we close our eyes a simple act of subconscious theater, where we have the starring role?
Could they be gateways, or mirrors, to another Dimensional life that we lead?
When you are asleep here in this dimension….are you awake in another, different and yet similar one?
In this episode I also shared some of my own riveting dreams that have had a profound impact in my life and perhaps even changed my life…in some invisible manner.

The second “dream experience” that I shared, I had found myself in a beautiful place. Many of us will call that place Heaven. Although I’m not one-hundred percent certain that souls go to heaven upon their death. However, in this dream I found myself walking on clouds and in front of me, there stood the most magnificent mansion that I have ever laid eyes on.

The mansion was larger and taller than any building that any of us have ever bore witness to. In fact it was so tall that around the halfway mark there were human like beings flying around it…surrounded by even more clouds.

The next thing I do remember is somehow I was in what can only be described as an elevator, although it had no buttons. Once the door opened I found myself in a room that awakened an entirely new perspective in my life.

There was my great grandmother.
She was radiant with happiness.
In her arms she held a baby, in fact she was taking care of it.

The room that I was in…it was filled with babies, infants who had died and there was my Great grandmother doing something that she loved doing. Taking care of children.

Mary Ann Winkowski wrote in one her books that I had the opportunity to read; that in all of her life as a medium, she has never, not once, experienced the spirit of any child under 5 years of age. She thought there were beings who come down and immediately take babies upon their death and…from what I’ve seen, this is fairly accurate.

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  • Laura Henricks
    November 6, 2014, 7:30 am

    Loved It!!!


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