Location of Haunting
West Plains, Missouri

One day my friends were doing a Wicca circle. I didn’t really believe in those things and I thought they were weird, so I just decided to lay down, but as soon as I closed my eyes we all saw each other and could talk to each other. I looked over at my other friend and something grabbed me and dragged me. I opened my eyes and we all had apparently saw what had happened. Later that day I closed my eyes for a few seconds and could see the glow of the sun through my eyelids then all of a sudden it went dark.

I saw a man walking back and forth saying stuff like not to trust anybody and that they were just lying. He said to come with him and held out his hand, but I wouldn’t and I opened my eyes. My friends were on the other side of the room and said that my eyes had rolled all the way back in my head. A few days later I was walking back to my house with my brother and step-sister from our neighbors house.

They had asked us to feed their animals while they were away. I had saw something run by in the woods. It looked like something in a human shape and was wearing a hood, but it was completely black and ran faster than anything. I told my brother and my step-sister what I saw, but they didn’t believe me. My step-sister said that she saw something too, but only to make fun of me. A few seconds later something ran by so fast we couldn’t tell what it was, but it was no animal. We told are other sister, but of course she didn’t believe us.

A year later I was with my sister and we were telling our ghost stories and she told me when ever she would wake up she would see a black mist hovering above me. I didn’t believe her, but it didn’t matter. When we were going to go to sleep I decided to sleep on the edge of her bed curled up. For some reason a few minutes later I had the feeling to look over at my bed. I saw something that looked like a human except i could still see in pitch black because it was darker than night. I thought it was an outline of something like a box because I was trying to find a reasonable explanation. A few seconds later my sister said it looked like someone was sitting on my bed. We called for our brother to turn on the lights. When he did we turned them off again and nothing was there.

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