Things That Go Bump In The Night

Welcome back! Glad to see you! Now that I can, that is.

I had just gotten the nest all fluffed and settled when I noticed I was high enough up in this tree that I wasn’t seeing the view too well down below. While flying I was feeling more like a bat in need of radar instead of a steely eyed bird. So I took myself over to the kind people at my local Walmart vision center last week to get that resolved.

A strange thing happened while I was there. I wore my Bob Bain’s The Farside T-shirt and found myself in a discussion of the paranormal with a lovely assistant there named Becky. Becky was telling me about her slightly haunted home and the ghost in the closet. She said this spirit also appears to enjoy attic living at times, but is essentially non-threatening and is, in fact, comforting to her son at night. He appears to feel secure and comforted by being in the room with the spirit standing guard.

So, what does one do with a friendly ghost? Well, Becky, here’s my take on that.

What To Do With A Friendly Ghost

I’ve heard many theories over the years from “you must send them on to the Light” to” you must banish them because they’re all demons.” Everyone has an opinion and those opinions are most often influenced by personal spiritual beliefs. We must remember that not all “ghosts” can be lumped in one category. There are residual hauntings, spirits of people, demons (more about that another day), and we must not forget to include the possibility of spirit guides or angels coming by. Not all things that go bump in the night are equal and neither should our approach to dealing with them be.

First, how do you tell if the spirit in your home is friendly? When I visit a home with a friendly spirit, I usually hear family members tell me, “Oh, that’s just our resident ghost. We’ve named her Nelly.” The family is able to continue it’s daily activities unharmed, unafraid, and without the feeling of being oppressed or influenced by the spirit. Yes, there may be the occasional jump at a bump in the night, but the children are not up at 3 AM playing with an unseen force, and the adults aren’t experiencing bodily harm. The ghost is often treated more like a part of the family than something to be feared. Sometimes children, who are the most sensitive to the true spirit of things, will tell you who or what they see. Many times they describe it as a kind “person” who watches over them and keeps them safe. Perhaps it’s perceived as a grandmother or grandfather and in some cases it may actually be a family member who is coming by to stay involved with the family. Regardless of the “who”, these spirits do no harm to those who live on this plane.

I’ve also seen a case or two of spirit guides who have “lived” with someone and spent more time in the earthly home than the other realm. Those adults with spirit guides are more likely than not to know their “spirit”…right down to the name, and they usually find them great company.

If your “ghost” is one of these friendly spirits, you need do nothing at all as long as your family is comfortable with your unseen boarder. I would suggest you talk to the spirit and let it know it has your permission to stay as long as it follows your rules and can share the space in a peaceful manner. I realize talking to thin “air” may seem a bit strange, but the conversation will not go unheard and often benefits both parties. It’s always good to lay out the house rules when guests stay over!

I often hear others say, “You must send them into the Light!” I used to believe that myself. In the case of these friendly spirits, over the years I’ve come to understand that the Creator is quite able to call these souls home without our assistance. No matter how much we think we know of the other side, in this case, I say leave it in the Creator’s hands. Who knows if these friendly spirits and guides don’t continue to serve the Divine by their presence here on this plane?

Of course, this all changes when speaking of the demonic cases or those spirits who are dark. But, again, that’s for another day.

Well, Becky, I hope that makes things clearer for you. And thanks again to you and the crew for clearing this owl’s vision! It’s good to not be hitting the trees and going bump in the night.

Until next time, don’t fear the dark and fly high in the Light!

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