Dr. Michio Kaku: The Future of Humanity

  • February 19, 2018
Dr. Michio Kaku: The Future of Humanity

Michio Kaku shares his theoretical beliefs on what is in store for the Future of Humanity. On his first stop of a multi-media tour, Professor Michio Kaku dropped by Mysterious Matters’ studio to discuss just what we should be looking forward to and what we should be wary of when it comes to ensuring a prosperous future for Humanity. Mysterious Matters is a late night talk radio show dealing with Culture, Science, and the Paranormal.

Topics touched on include:

► How do we, as Humans, ensure that there is a future for Humanity

  Traffic Jam over the Moon and Mars

► Micho’s theory of Alien Abductions

Why have advancements in space exploration been at a standstill 

Elon Musk’s Falcon Rocket and the Tesla Sports Car in Space

Benefits of Transhumanism and why some are opposed to it 

►  Theory on how accurate the biblical depictions were of humans living 700 to 900 years

Is technology dumbing down society

Are Humans a form of organic robotics

► Creating dualism through technology

Plus much more!


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