My Story(s) that are all linked (OBE, Spiritual Visitation, Invasion and Attack)

Place of Haunting

From Washington State to Pennsylvania


Let me start to say this story may be long and drawn out. I apologize for this but there are things that need be pointed out in order for it all to make sense.

It begins with the fact that I have Sleep Paralysis. Many people in the paranormal community know what this is but for those who dont its essentially when my mind and eyes wake up but the rest of me is still asleep. I have had this since I was about 10 years old. of course being a child at the very beginning it was terrifying silent screaming and imminent panic.

Over the years I found out what it was and how it was just a natural thing the mind does from time to time. by the Time I was about 14 I figured out how to control my fears during my episodes and fall back to sleep. I was always able to stay calm afterwards.

The First Paranormal instance happened when I was about 16 years old. At this time I was already into the Paranormal and have been since I was a child. I was sleeping on my parents couch and I had woke up with my body paralyzed as usual. There was a different feeling about it this time and it reminded me of something in an ESP book I read about Astral Projection. So just to see if I could I sat up and it worked. Then I look to my side and I see myself still asleep.  It was then I realized I have left my body.

I Stood up and noticed it was quite dark in my house but hey it was night time. It was like being in the country with only a full moon to light your way. So I stand up and walk around the family room where I had been sleeping and into the Living Room that was one step down. Im looking around just curious about how it all works when I notice that everything seems to be getting darker and that the hall leading to the Kitchen is also growing gradually darker and closer to me.

I think to myself I should turn on a light. There is a chain lamp next to me with a wheel switch. I grab the switch and try to turn it on but It wont work. Still the room got darker. I figured that this is now something I should expose myself to so I go back to the couch and lay down as my head hits the pillow my eyes open and I immediately sit up. The house is dark but just in the normal sense there was the usual ambient light from an outside street light and I could see all the way down the halls without a problem. Looking around my house I see everything is exactly the way I saw it out of my body confirming to me my OBE. I laid back down and right before I fell back to sleep said to myself “Cool.”

Let us jump a few years later and after many episodes nothing of important note happened. just a lot of wake up, yep paralyzed, then fall back to sleep. I move out of my parents house In the Yakima Valley, Washington and to Seattle, Washington. I had to have been around 22 when one night I woke up and knew what I was going through as I was mentally prepping myself to fall back to sleep I had the feeling I wasnt alone. My head was tilted upwards and I was able to look up towards my apartment door and in the dark (which doesnt happen, I lived in downtown Seattle) I saw a figure at the door. He was Tall and well dressed from what I could tell due to me only being able to make out a silhouette. He was thin with a long coat and a top hat and next to him was a cat sitting and they were both watching me and my girlfriend. Now I didnt feel any immediate threat but I feel they were there for a reason and in the next story it will say why.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any feedback so far please feel free to write back. I dont mind telling my own tale but its very long and there are many more that happened in between these ones that are not connected.


Submitted By: Jesse Ortega

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