Time Travel Secrets with Von Braschler

  • March 6, 2015
Time Travel Secrets with Von Braschler

Time Travel and Time Manipulation Machines have been fantasized, and theorized, for centuries.

The question remains:  Does Time Travel exist? If it does, would we find it in a mechanical form such as a DeLorean, an Omni device (as seen on the television series “Voyagers!”, perhaps even through another physical time traveling mechanism — or would we find it through the power of energy as manipulated by intent. Listen to this interview and find out.

Von Braschler described his first experience with time travel, it occurred when he was twelve years of age he and other children were picking blueberries — when Von became sick and headed home.

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In this interview we talked about Back to the Future and how Von almost bought a DeLorean, but found it to be a death trap because his vision was hindered.

Bob touched on how he first became interested in Time Travel, and it was through a television series called “Voyagers!” that aired in the 80’s.

Time traveling and time travel machines have been a topic of science fiction and countless movies for many decades. In fact, it appears that the possibility to travel in time, either into the future or into the past, has appealed to the imagination of mankind for centuries.

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