What if? Alien Encounters & Alien Abduction Stories with Bob Mitchell

  • January 28, 2016
What if? Alien Encounters & Alien Abduction Stories with Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell, joined the Farside to discuss new alien abduction cases, and to ask the question of “What If?”.

What if a mere 10 to 20 percent of all Alien encounters turned out to be true? How Many Alien Races are There If the story of the Ataracu is to be believed then there is only one Alien race of intelligent extraterrestrial beings that have visited the Earth. Are Alien Abductions Responsible for Missing Children More information to come.

Author, journalist Bob Mitchell presents a never before glimpse into the inside world of the Greys along with a unique cast of Experiencers, who share their alien encounters including their abductions, their horrifying medical experiments and their universal connection to reincarnation and alien consciousness.

Bob Mitchell discussed unusual accounts regarding extraterrestrial contacts including never-before-told stories from the inside world of the Greys, and Mantids, as revealed by abductees and contactees. One of the experiencers he interviewed is a woman who goes by the name of Cinta ej Narat, and her extensive information sometimes contradicted some of the popular notions about the Greys.

The beings told her the name of their race is the Ataracu, they hail from the Orion constellation, and they have peaceful intentions. They were created by the same God we worship, and were likely the ones the ancients called the Anunnaki, she told Mitchell.

According to Narat, it was the Ataracu who crashed at Roswell, and two of them survived for a brief period. The beings are physically similar to humans, with larger brains, and longer fingers. They are just over 5 ft. tall, and live for around 400 years (which is the equivalent of 1,000 human years), she further detailed. A male contactee he spoke with described a bizarre but beneficent encounter with an enormous 30 ft. tall Mantid creature that occurred while he was in an out-of-body state. Mitchell also talked his involvement with the Alien Cosmic Expo that will be taking place this June in Brantford, Ontario.

What if alien abductions are real? What if more than one alien species is visiting Earth? What if humankind is only one consciousness in the universe?

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