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    • Parasomnias: When Dreams Become Reality

      Parasomnias: When Dreams Become Reality0

      How would you react if after taking nighttime cold medicine you woke up the following morning and you had committed atrocious acts of violence? Such was the case for 20 individuals over the past 100 years. These are the tales of Parasomnias and those who fall victim to subconscious theater…being acted out in reality.  Our

    • Preston Dennett: A Conversation on Aliens, Ghosts and The Afterlife0

      On this edition of Mysterious Matters we welcomed on Preston Dennett for a candid conversation surrounding his work in the UFO and Paranormal fields. More info will be added soon. Thanks Preston!

    • Total Solar Eclipse & The Curious History of Invisible Light0

      On Monday, August 21st residents of just 10 states —and the millions of travelers making the trip for the chance to see a rare phenomenon—will be able to witness the full totality of a solar eclipse.  The totality window spans a mere 70 miles wide.   Astronomer Bob Berman touches on the spectacular beauty of a

    • Physicians’ Untold Stories of Afterlife Experiences0

      Bob commemorates the 2nd anniversary of his father’s death (May 12th, 2015 @ 3:00 PM) by having a candid conversation with Dr. Scott Kolbaba (a real, practicing physician). Their conversation focuses on stories of Bob’s own afterlife experiences with his Dad, as well as those shared by Dr. Scott Kolbaba as either experienced first hand


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